Hi! I’m Sukhitha Jayathilake, also goes by the screen name phabtar. I’m currently working in Sri Lanka as a Software Engineer. I hail from the beautiful area of Kegalle, halfway between the Capital and the mighty hill country of Sri Lanka.

I have been in to Programming and computing since my childhood, partly because of Games, admittedly. But it worked out really well. That fascination about applying logic and Creativity in creating something that fun and enjoyable, has shaped my education and career. That sense and excitement of discovering things, learning what to do by my self and overcoming challenges is what kept me going all those years. I have faced varying challenges in my career and through them I’ve got more confidence in my ability of quick learning, analyzing and researching problems and coming up with solutions efficiently.

I do admire people who think out of the box, who doesn’t yield to convention and go against the flow, because being a radical thinker is a core nature of mine too, but within the ethical boundaries. I strive to keep updated about my various interests, while having this obsession to try out, learn, read, listen or watch new things which I haven’t experienced before. It just pains me to think that I might be missing out on anything great out there, even when it is fully available to us. So one can say I’m always discovering my self, its a never ending process. 24 hours just isn’t enough!

Let’s get a little insight in to my hobbies and interests. I’m a dedicated Cinephile. Specifically into art-house, international and critically acclaimed movies. Also I find joy in independent movies. But not limited to that, I’m a fan of any mind bending movie, which provokes thought. I like to call my self a reader, but admittedly, it’s one of those habits which I lost hold of, but I wish I still had. Another one of those would be playing the guitar. Writing is a passion I always had. I have been reviewing movies and blogging since I started my higher studies, as time permitted. I call music my catalyst. being a Metalhead, but not limited to that either. Getting in to classics, and was a constant fan of any sad music. Personally believe 90ies is the best thing that happened to music (or anything for that matter :)). Additionally I try to keep up with the tv shows and Anime world. Since I started working I have been playing in couple of Chess Tournaments also, and was able to surprise myself with doing quite well.

You’re welcome to contact me, head on over to the Contact page. I might be awkward at first, but once you get to know me you will not regret 😉 . So Say Hi!



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