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WPF Data Grid with extensible columns

When working with WPF, lot of developers just adopt the MVVM pattern in making above average scale applications. Mainly with the support the Prism platform gives in order to build MVVM applications using WPF, and the many support and forums … Continue reading

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Immediately Invoked Function Expressions

Back at the writing board, after a while. Lots of changes happened in my personal life, putting off writing this important article for a while. This is a must have addendum for the article series I started on JavaScript. We … Continue reading

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Module Pattern : Part 1

In any project we do, modularization helps with keeping everything nice and clean and separate. It’s highly necessary when we want to achieve the important goal of OOP design, Loose coupled and highly cohesive systems. One might say Javascript is … Continue reading

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Constructor Pattern

Constructors is one of the first things that any IT school student learns when it comes to object oriented programming. I’m not gonna go much in to the basic concept of constructors. Just that knowing constructors is a method which … Continue reading

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Design patterns in JS

During my initial time frame as a Software Engineer, I did not put much heed and effort or the deserved respect for Javascript. But when you advance in the local software development arena, staying out of or being ignorant of … Continue reading

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Configurable SQL access method

Recently I was working on a lot of SQL server development activity. One such activity involved accessing 3 SQL server instances to compare and update data among them. One identity provider server acted at the top of the hierarchy. Two … Continue reading

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Ease through effort

We as developers, or programmers, or coders, or whatever you would like to call your self, face a particular problem that is common to all of us, unless you’re like a Brian Kernighan or Guido van Rossum. That problem is … Continue reading

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